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At First Addition Tutors, our mission is to "fix" the disconnect of a students dislike for mathematics. Instead of hating math, we individually work on building an appreciation and fascination of the beauty of mathematics. Once that is built, the walls can be broken down. When our students have an appreciation of math, and see how simple math can be, that is when we all win.

We offer elite private tutoring services worldwide with Video Chat and in-person throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Specializing in mathematics, we strive to guide students of all grades from subject introduction to subject mastery.  Our curriculum, ability and commitment to identify effective learning strategies with each individual student is what differentiates us from the rest.

We offer a flexible and student-success focused booking system, to allow parents/students to book 1, 4, 10 or as many sessions as they would like, with discounted rates on multiple session orders.  You also have the opportunity to opt-in to our ongoing learning add-ons like homework/practice sheets, a popular choice that allows students to submit assignments for grading after/between sessions. 

With ever increasing class sizes and overworked teachers, there has never been more of a need for services providing 1 on 1 specialized support, at FirstAdditionTutoring.com that's exactly what we strive to provide. 

If you are a parent who wants help unlock your child's full academic potential, enroll with First Addition Tutoring today!

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